The CASSIOPEIA consortium is composed by a multidisciplinary team, including researchers from Instituto de Telecomunicações - Aveiro, from Birmingham City University and Dr. Gilad Rosner.

The IT Aveiro team has a long track record of working in international projects, developing testbeds and demonstrators, solutions for IoT, frameworks and architectures.

The BCU team has been developing work in the wider cyber security with particular focus on data protection. The lead of BCU team is part of the Kantara Initiative WG developing the next version of the Consent Receipts spec, which this project will use, extend and re-contribute to the SDO.

Dr Gilad Rosner works with European, British, American and Australian universities and so he is highly experienced in distributed, international, multi-disciplinary research and development projects.

Eve Maler, advisor to CASSIOPEIA, has been a research respondent for several of Dr Rosner’s research activities.